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Choosing whether you need a Showit website template or a custom website design should be an easy decision. If you’re ready for a new website (and if you’re not, then why not start one now?!) then you’ll need to know a few things before choosing between a template and a custom design. Firstly, you need […]

Showit Website Templates VS. Custom Showit Design

trendy fonts for brand designer

I’ve been loving all of these trendy fonts we’ve been seeing throughout magazines lately! While we wouldn’t choose them for branding (think longevity!) we would absolutely use them in social media posts. We’ve linked them down below for you so that you can check them out, too! Hope you love them. BRASIKA | CODE PRO […]

5 Trendy Fonts We’re Loving

how to keep your brand consistent

Ever wonder how to keep your brand consistent throughout social media? Keeping your brand consistent on social media and throughout your website can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, it doesn’t take much effort to do so, and I’m going to show you exactly how! 1. Invest in good branding Branding is a great start […]

How To Keep Your Brand Consistent

How to build a website when you can't afford a web designer

Building a website is key to your businesses success, but how do you build a proper one when you can’t afford a web designer? Building a website when you can’t afford a web designer is actually quite simple – even if you have 0 design direction or web development experience. There are 5 main things […]

How to build a website when you can’t afford a web designer

I’ve come to the realization that there are endless lifestyle stock image websites on the internet. It’s something thats grown in the past few years and I absolutely love that people have seen the need for them! I encourage my website or template clients to use stock images if they haven’t had a brand shoot […]

The Best Lifestyle Stock Image Websites 2021

brand design tips - why you need brand guidelines

Wondering why the heck you need brand guidelines after investing in branding?! I’ve had a few potential clients ask this question on our discovery call, so you know I was eager to write up a quick post about it ✍🏼 First off – a brand guideline document (or what I call our Style Guide) should […]

Why Your Business Needs Brand Guidelines

branding and web design for female entrepreneurs

What school didn’t teach me about running a business!

What school didn’t teach me about running a business

Whether you’re taken or single, we can all appreciate a good playlist 😉

Valentine’s Day Playlist

When you have to wear (most) of the hats, you find ways to make things much easier 😉

Apps for Small Business Owners

Hiring a web designer is a big step for your business. With a high ticket price and having to hand over creative freedom to someone else, it can be overwhelming and a little bit scary at times!

3 things to know before hiring a web designer

Small business owner must haves

desk phone charger

cute notebook

WFH slippers

chic pens