Flash forward years later I was starting college and wanted a creative outlet. I began reaching out to local content creators and bloggers to help build their website and portfolio. I did this all throughout college, and finally when it was time to graduate, I decided it was time to take this side hustle full time. That's when McKinley Media was born - through passion, creativity, and the drive to constantly create and live life to the fullest. 

how i took a leap of faith in 2015

I used to spend hours and hours learning how to code on Tumblr to make my home page "perfect". I wanted all of the colors to match, fonts to be unique, and for people to feel inspired when they landed on my page. Week after week, I taught myself HTML and began using that knowledge to design websites and eventually brands! Funny enough, playing around with social media brought me to where I am today, which leads me to

My story really began the moment social media started becoming popular.

interior design enthusiast

meet the halls

my passion


transitional meets traditional

home aesthetic

anything mexican

my favorite type of food

lake como, italy

my dream vacation

sangria in summer, cosmo in winter

happy hour drink of choice

my camera + the beach

I truly can't live without:


favorite place i've been

wine and a bubble bath

my guilty pleasure

a travel photographer

if i wasn't a designer i would be

a quick quiz about me

A few of my favorites








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Grab a seat, order an iced coffee, and let’s get down to business! Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, I’m here to help you design a brand that serves you and your business well.

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