Why Hire A Brand Designer?

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Why hire a brand designer? Working with a brand designer has many benefits. Think about it – what brand do you use that doesn’t have a logo, target audience, and select few colors they use throughout their website and social media? Working with a brand designer gives your business the opportunity to attract its ideal customer, and in turn, make you $$$. Here are a few ways working with a brand designer benefits your business:

1. Generate Brand Recognition

Brand recognition refers to how easily your audience recognizes your brand based off of color, imagery, and product. Brand colors have the most significant impact on a brand because of what it psychologically does to potential consumers – colors can subconsciously help customers make a judgment call about your product. So where does a brand designer come in with this? Brand designers know what specific elements/colors to pair with your brand to improve brand recall and perception, thus influencing purchasing decisions.

2. Boost Sales

As seen above, working with a brand designer can help boost your sales. The more a consumer recognizes your brand and relates to it, the more likely they’re going to buy from it. By building out your branding suite and honing in on your target audience, sales will never be easier.

3. Improve Loyalty

Have you ever dreamed of having customers come to you versus you searching for them on a daily basis? People purchase from brands they are loyal to, and working with a brand designer will help gain their loyalty. By nurturing existing clients and targeting new ones, brand designers will serve as a connector between you and your customer to help increase consumer retention.

So, how do you choose the right brand designer?

Be very selective when choosing your brand designer. You want to make sure their portfolio and overall aesthetic matches what you’re looking for in your company. Think of designers like a store – higher end consumers tend to go to stores like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom, because they tend to have higher end items. It’s the same thing with a designer – if they have high-end looking brands on their website and you’re trying to target a high end client, you’ll likely be a great fit. You’ll also need to make sure that they have a well defined process, customer reviews on Google, and what their core area of expertise is. Hiring a brand designer can be a life-changing process, just make sure you’re hiring one that aligns with your business well!

As for McKinley Media, we are a strategy-led design studio for creatives and lifestyle brands. We’re currently booking for the rest of the year and would love to hear from you!

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