The Brand Design Process

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What is the brand design process and what can you expect when working with a brand designer? We’re sharing all the tips below.

When it comes to the brand design process, many people are scared away because they’re worried it’s too much work, too stressful, or simply just not for them. Here’s a little secret: the brand design process is meant to be fun, exciting, and stress free! If you’ve been through a branding process that is stressful, chances are you hired the wrong person. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek into our brand design process and just how much our clients have loved it:

The Brand Design Process

1. Initial Strategy Call

The first step in our brand design process is the initial strategy process. Here we’ll go over all of your goals, dive into your ideal client, learn your story, and define what makes you unique. We’ll then create a Pinterest board to pull all of our inspiration into and hand over a quick questionnaire for you to fill out. To set up your free initial consultation, you can schedule a call here.

2. The Brand Design Process

After pulling inspiration, we’ll work our magic behind the scenes to create a one-concept design that best matches what you’re looking for. A lot of research and thought goes into this, and it takes about a week’s worth of time. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout and let you know once we’re finished!

3. Design Presentation + Feedback

When we’re finished creating your dreamy brand, we’ll hop on a Zoom call to present your newest brand to you. The point of this call is to go over all the details and make sure it matches exactly what your ideal client would be attracted to (of course, we want you to love it too)! We’ll then send over a feedback form for any revisions needed and move onto the next step.

4. Final Design Approval + Collateral Pieces

We’ll now move onto creating any collateral pieces + your website. We want to make sure your entire brand is cohesive, so this step is incredibly important to setting you up for success.

5. Define Brand Guidelines

In this step, we’ll define your brand guidelines so that you feel prepared and ready to use your brand yourself. Our guidelines go over where and how to use your colors, fonts, and logos so that your branding is ready to make its debut into the wild!

6. Brand Launch Day

Pop the champagne – it’s time for launch day! After our 4-6 week process, we’re ready to launch your new design. You’ll be booking those ideal clients in no time!

After the Process

What are you left with after the branding process?

Something that can grow with you, for you, and even change with you. Unlike a building or a piece of art, a brand is never done, never perfect. Every day we learn new things about ourselves, our clients or customers, and the market around us that could potentially inspire changes in our brands that take them from great to greater. We’re always adding new parts, taking old parts away, or shifting things around to make better use of the pieces we have.

But when it’s all said and done, there’s something special about having a solid core: something to trace yourself back to the root of it all; something to remind yourself of your values and purpose.

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