The Best Lifestyle Stock Image Websites 2021

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I’ve come to the realization that there are endless lifestyle stock image websites on the internet. It’s something thats grown in the past few years and I absolutely love that people have seen the need for them! I encourage my website or template clients to use stock images if they haven’t had a brand shoot yet because it allows for an attractive, cohesive looking site. What’s the point of building a beautiful website if it doesn’t have beautiful images to go along with it?!

Anyways, after coming to the realization that there are endless sites for stock images, I decided to compile my own list. A list that includes images that will totally wow your ideal client and land you those jobs you’ve always dreamed of. I’ve added them below for you to utilize as well:


Pexels is a great website if you’re looking for professionally shot and edited images. They include images for all business types, and are quite possibly one of the largest sources on the internet for free photos!

Death To Stock

This website is incredibly unique. All of the images feel personal and carefully curated, which is a refreshing change from the stereotypical stock photo 😉 DTS also has a “designers subscription” that protects a designer when they sell their work with DTS stock photos in them – something you normally have to pay WAY more for! This website does charge a monthly fee, but is totally worth it in my opinion.

Social Squares

Gosh, this one might be my favorite. A lot of my sweet Showit Template clients gravitate towards this site as they’re typically coaches, photographers, and designers and this site has so much to offer. It’s a little more expensive, $47 a month, but is way cheaper than hiring your own photographer, so if you’re on a budget its so worth it!


This one comes into play if you’re in need of a high quality image (or images) for a pitch or client. There are so many talented photographers on this site that I seriously just sit and scroll to admire their work 😂 That should tell you enough – this site is a must for beautiful lifestyle photos.

So after looking at each… which is your favorite? Leave us a comment down below.

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