Why Your Business Needs Brand Guidelines

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Wondering why the heck you need brand guidelines after investing in branding?!

I’ve had a few potential clients ask this question on our discovery call, so you know I was eager to write up a quick post about it ✍🏼

First off – a brand guideline document (or what I call our Style Guide) should always be provided at the end of your brand investment no matter what “package” you choose. Basically, it’s a PDF document that tells you, the customer, how to stay consistent with your brand on all platforms (I.e. how to use your logos, where to use your colors, etc). *hint* if you’re wanting to grow your business + social media, this document is especially key.

As you can see, it’s important to have this so you feel confident with using your brand yourself moving forward. It allows you to build credibility and create a clear message on social media about who you are and what you do.

Are you looking to create that credibility and consistency for your brand? Hop on over to our contact page to learn how you can do so!

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