How Long Does SEO Take to See Results?

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One of the most common questions we get asked after finishing a website is “how long does SEO take to see results”? Our clients want to know when their investment is going to start to pay off, and understandably so. First, let’s talk about the basics.

What does successful implementation of SEO look like?

Successful implementation of SEO looks like a few things.

  1. Increased traffic + impressions
  2. Increased business/revenue from the traffic
  3. Increased ranking on Google

These attainable goals, however, are only attainable when you set realistic expectations. You more than likely aren’t going to reach the first page of Google in 6 months unless you’re running some serious ads. That’s okay, though, because quality SEO takes time and effort.

You should expect to see SEO results in 6-12 months

It’s no secret that it can take some time for a website to rank. Search engines want to show the best result for any given search query, and earning top search visibility takes time and a LOT of effort. But, with the right strategy in place, 6-12 months is long enough to be able to see impact of SEO efforts and justify ongoing investment into growth.

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