3 things to know before hiring a web designer

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Hiring a web designer is a big step for your business. With a high ticket price and having to hand over creative freedom to someone else, it can be overwhelming and a little bit scary at times! The good thing is, if you hire the right person, you’ll come out with a beautiful, functional website that does alllll the selling for you.

In order to help you along the way, here are 3 things you should know before hiring a web designer:

  1. ARE THEY EXPERTS ON THE PLATFORM THEY’RE DESIGNING WITH. Make sure your designer knows the platform your website is on inside and out. Although there may be things that can’t be handled by them alone (hosting issues), they should be in tip top shape when it comes to designing, implementing, and streamlining the process.
  2. WHAT IS THEIR DESIGN STYLE. Most designers have a certain style. Check out their portfolio before signing a contract with them to make sure that you like the work they’ve previously done! Although they will cater to your needs and wants, at the end of the day, each designer’s work is going to be unique to their company.
  3. ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS. Make sure you ask anything and everything you would like to know about the web design process. In addition, make sure you supply them with everything they’re going to need in order to make the designing and developing stage as smooth as possible. If there’s something you’re confused about or any special requests you have, ask them up front before getting too far down the line!
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