Captions that Convert


What if I told you how to use 1 hour of your time each month to help over double your income?

It starts with just two things:

1. A google sheet
2. The 365 Days of Instagram Prompts

365 Instagram captions that convert your followers into buyers. These easy-to-implement captions will encourage engagement, sales, and clicks to your website!

What's Next:
Upon purchase, you’ll receive a secure link sent to your email. Be sure to download and save the file to your computer, as the link will only be available for 24 hours.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Templates may not be replicated and/or sold or distributed. 

The Story Behind Captions that Convert

The story you’re about to hear will blow your mind, and rightfully so 😉

As a new business owner, I would spend (no joke) 30-45 mins each day planning out my social media posts. The captions & images were meticulously planned out, and I KNEW that since I spent so much time on each that it would attract customers.

Well, my friend, I was wrong. Not only did it not attract my ideal client, it wasted a ton of my time throughout the day and gave me mini panic attacks while doing so (I know you feel me on this one, ha).

In comes an idea 💡 I had a 2am in June of 2019. What if I took my Marketing degree, put it to ACTUAL use, and planned out 365 days of prompts for me to use in my social media captions? Not only would it save me time, it would also use proven marketing/sales tactics to grab my user's attention. 

WHEW was I right. In a weeks time after using these, I had 7 new leads and 4 contracts signed. Don't take it from me, though, take it from the countless people who've purchased below!